Italy System-Ceruti Family (Ceruti Family)

G. B. Ceruti was the founder of the family and has been long considered as a student of Storioni. According to the research, he had been taught by Nicola Bergonzi and Carlo II Bergonzi in his early years. G. B. had also been viewed as a chief of Cremonese luthiers in the early 19th century. He reestablished the Cremonese violin-making traditions and, further more, made the Ceruti family being capable to lead the Cremonese School for more than three generations.

Being a son of G. B., Giuseppe Ceruti (1785-1860) was also a luthier, but his works were extremely rare. Giuseppe Ceruti’s son, Enrico Ceruti (1806-1883), was an excellent luthier who made a great amount of works; some of them had even been praised as the finest works in the 19th century. Enrico possessed high reputation internationally, and has been estimated as one of the top-five luthiers in the 19th century.